Changing Times

The Earth is in labor, therefor
Grow herbs to ease her birthing pains
Grow yourself up, so that you are
No longer child, but daughter
So that you can walk the walk beside her
Woman to woman
Hand in hand.
And where are the men in this conversation?
The men are on retreat,
Sitting in silence beside the lake, staring
At eternity, considering a way to be in the world
That does not require domination,
Considering how
To allow themselves to come home

Alix Moore


  1. pointsthruprose

    This poem has brought me to a deeper understanding and compassion for Men. It is beautifully written Alix and conveys the unbearable, at times, challenges that we face as Men(Masculine) and Women (Feminine). I am not sure who has it easier or does it really matter? This poem is very close to my heart.

  2. Joanna Gilman Hyde

    This is an important poem. One anecdote it reminds me of is a game I used to play in my step-sister’s bedroom at my father’s farm: I was instructing her to see whatever we could see when we rubbed our closed eyes in the dark. I would see endless sparkles and swirls and colours, but when I asked Thea what she saw she said, “All I can see is six gorillas sitting by a lake.”

  3. pointsthruprose

    Joanna, I think your comment is absolute proof that we all have a masculine and a feminine side to us regardless of our gender. The masculine side has been in control in “developed civilization” for the past 2000 years. This dominant energy has decimated Indigenous colonies all over the world. Our Indigenous people, for the most part, prevail in their feminine energy and have a beautiful connection with Mother Earth. It is imperative to our survival that we find our gender balance on the Earth. It is in each one of us to find this balance.

  4. Alix Moore

    Thanks so much for posting this poem. I agree with you, we are on a journey to find a new way to be here together on the earth. I can’t wait to see what shifts in 2012!

    On a writerly note, I just never know which words I write will resonate with other people. So I guess the take home message is: trust spirit and share what comes.


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