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It happened as I folded your laundry

I glanced out my south eastern window

Where Mount Baker use to shine

A row of oversized houses is out my window now

I see the back end of them

I hear the birds outside my office window

Along with the humming of the washing machine

The computer and camera won’t process my latest painting

The ever-changing pigment is too strong


Before I depart

You will have what you need

Irrelevant is hatred and fame

As is judgement and gold

Greatness in the Vastness –

There will be None

This manufactured cesspool

Is churning into stagnation

So, before I arrive

You will have what you need –

Jackie Blair McSween


His Will Will

Don’t you see it comin’?
Isn’t it obvious?
That slow, steady drummin’
George, are you curious?

Yep . . . that steady drumming
Election cycle, new moon
Video games and other forms of numbing
Our debt is now “Due soon!”

Baby, you can drive my car 1
“Hey! I found a brand new star!”
Come on along, were not going very far 2
More infectious than SARS

Summer’s Almost Gone 2
Summer’s burnt a trail
It wasn’t particularly long
But God’s will will prevail!

We’re into ‘Breaking Bad”
They act naturally 1
After all the fun we’ve had
The solution’s applied unilaterally

He knows when you’ve been bad or good
He knows when you’re awake 3
He’ll mete justice as He should
Harps, seals and earthquakes

O.G. Hawkins


1 – The Beatles

2 – The Doors

3 – Traditional