1. pointsthruprose

    I honestly don’t know Joanna. Alix’s poem “Changing Times” prompted me to put a title to this painting and post it. The painting had been sitting, untitled, for a while now. I painted it from one of my dreams.

  2. Carol's Tips for Empowerment

    This might help explain some to the feelings that are being expressed in this dynamic, energy rotating piece. it has to to with the base resonance frequency of the earth, and the magnetics. if you have time to watch this, you will be amazed and it will give you a better understanding of what is occurring with the time/space continuum and light. Check it out…I love this guy:

  3. pointsthruprose

    Thanks Carol, the video is fascinating. I really like Gregg Braden as well, I spent some time researching him after this video. I really do believe we paint/write from a higher place and I think when we allow it to come through in its purest form, we area actually conveying a message. Our challenge is to interpret the message. Not an easy job as we still haven’t figured out the Mona Lisa. However, we do know way more that we think. This knowledge brings me great relief and hope during these very challenging times.

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