A rogue Warrior

wanders the earth

There is no escape –

– As time stands still


Cluttered with memories

He can’t seem to find

The decades comingle –

in a capsule of time


Searching for a feeling

Through a place, song or view

It’s been with him  a lifetime

Yet nothing at all is true.

Helpless (1)

Although I am consulted,

I know there is no choice.

The man in the mask

and the Orange suit

Has Arrived

Green is Green –

In whatever form it takes

The buttercups choke out the grass

As they Salute to the Sun.

Anywhere but Now

The pink Capsule hangs in the Honey Suckle

Two days the Crow stays!

– then leaves when the rain comes

Two bottles of wine – one red one white

Two benzos – both white and small

A Mother’s Purple Comforter –

The Seagull; I haven’t seen yet…

A Gift from Lou

I took my glasses off
To see clearly on the trail;
A cool wind on my cheek
Moving water beneath the bridge
Gravel under feet
The horn of a distant train
A buzzing aircraft – wondering if they can see me
As I stand amidst the Four Cedars.

The Back Porch

The stairway stood in time

As orange changed into gold

A flame was left to Seethe

Then Smoldered in the cold

Persistent and continual

The never-ending burn

A spark was all that’s needed

For all I hold and yearn.