Artists’ Reception


“A Bond of Nature and Art an exhibition by Mother & Son” Artists’ Reception at the Mission Art Gallery by Artists Jackie Blair McSween and Murdoch McSween

My first exhibition! Or should I say our first exhibition, since this was a joint exhibition of my 13 year old son and I. I am a short on words as it has been and continues to be a very emotional experience for me. Somehow hanging ones art  for public display is a little like baring ones soul. I am hoping I will be able to express everything little clearer as time goes on. In the meantime, we did sell two paintings ! I am thankful to my children and family who helped out a great deal with making this possible and to everyone who came out to the reception.  The MAC gallery staff and volunteers have been just amazing and I would like to thank all of them.The exhibition is in the gallery for three weeks. I hope I will be able to share more over the next little while as the emotions settle.



mixed media on canvasby Jackie Blair (McSween)

mixed media on canvas 23x48in
by Jackie Blair (McSween)


It happened as I folded your laundry

I glanced out my south eastern window

Where Mount Baker use to shine

A row of oversized houses is out my window now

I see the back end of them

I hear the birds outside my office window

Along with the humming of the washing machine

The computer and camera won’t process my latest painting

The ever-changing pigment is too strong