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It happened as I folded your laundry

I glanced out my south eastern window

Where Mount Baker use to shine

A row of oversized houses is out my window now

I see the back end of them

I hear the birds outside my office window

Along with the humming of the washing machine

The computer and camera won’t process my latest painting

The ever-changing pigment is too strong


Before I depart

You will have what you need

Irrelevant is hatred and fame

As is judgement and gold

Greatness in the Vastness –

There will be None

This manufactured cesspool

Is churning into stagnation

So, before I arrive

You will have what you need –

Jackie Blair McSween



Pollution seeps into the Void

Powerlessness prevails here

But for who or what –

I’m pulled down

To grey porous concrete

Like a YoYo with a severed string

My duty of making humans comfortable

With T-bone steaks and grad dresses

Do we really care?

Now that the Spiral is in motion

Jackie Blair McSween

His Will Will

Don’t you see it comin’?
Isn’t it obvious?
That slow, steady drummin’
George, are you curious?

Yep . . . that steady drumming
Election cycle, new moon
Video games and other forms of numbing
Our debt is now “Due soon!”

Baby, you can drive my car 1
“Hey! I found a brand new star!”
Come on along, were not going very far 2
More infectious than SARS

Summer’s Almost Gone 2
Summer’s burnt a trail
It wasn’t particularly long
But God’s will will prevail!

We’re into ‘Breaking Bad”
They act naturally 1
After all the fun we’ve had
The solution’s applied unilaterally

He knows when you’ve been bad or good
He knows when you’re awake 3
He’ll mete justice as He should
Harps, seals and earthquakes

O.G. Hawkins


1 – The Beatles

2 – The Doors

3 – Traditional