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mixed media on canvasby Jackie Blair (McSween)

mixed media on canvas 23x48in
by Jackie Blair (McSween)


It happened as I folded your laundry

I glanced out my south eastern window

Where Mount Baker use to shine

A row of oversized houses is out my window now

I see the back end of them

I hear the birds outside my office window

Along with the humming of the washing machine

The computer and camera won’t process my latest painting

The ever-changing pigment is too strong


I reposted these pictures under “Thousand Petal Lotus” for two reasons;

I managed to get a better picture by photographing them outside. These paintings, although individual, are an integral part in the making of  “Thousand Petal Lotus” and “Sahasrara”.

Acrylic on Canvas (three paintings)
by Jackie Blair McSween
Jackie Blair Fine Art


Pollution seeps into the Void

Powerlessness prevails here

But for who or what –

I’m pulled down

To grey porous concrete

Like a YoYo with a severed string

My duty of making humans comfortable

With T-bone steaks and grad dresses

Do we really care?

Now that the Spiral is in motion

Jackie Blair McSween

The Changing of the Leaves

A wave strikes when I am not looking

I miss gazing into your eyes

The water washes over my body then slips away


Summer heat hits when I am not looking

I am exhausted; I lost myself in us

An early spring; the rose blooms too soon


A storm moves in when I am not looking

Frozen in my steps, the storm is upon me

The thunder roared with staggering sound


Rain falls when I am not looking

I am drenched; in what I know I can feel

The rain pounds; the hard ground breaks away


Cool night air surrounds me when I am not looking

I am at peace; I embrace my aloneness

The early bird rises with a song of rejuvenation


Autumn breeze arrives and I am looking

I let it all go; fate becomes my friend

Beyond words – the changing of the leaves.



Jackie Blair McSween