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mixed media on canvasby Jackie Blair (McSween)

mixed media on canvas 23x48in
by Jackie Blair (McSween)


Pollution seeps into the Void

Powerlessness prevails here

But for who or what –

I’m pulled down

To grey porous concrete

Like a YoYo with a severed string

My duty of making humans comfortable

With T-bone steaks and grad dresses

Do we really care?

Now that the Spiral is in motion

Jackie Blair McSween

Garden Art

A collection of outside art for gardens or patios. Household latex paint on plywood with a finish to protect the painting from all the elements.
By Jackie Blair McSween
Jackie Blair Fine Art


Panoramic Palindrome

Radiant Sky (untamed gravity 2a)

Radiant Shore (untamed gravity 2)

 water colour with digital touch up (dark clouds/rocks)

This painting is matted and framed and hangs on my wall as “Radiant Shore”.  Yet it has always felt unfinished. When painting it I was never sure which way was up until I, consciously, added the rocks and spray.  This particular piece has always haunted me and thanks to digital painting, I was able to flatten the rocks a bit and have them resemble dark clouds and now the painting works just fine either way. The digital touch up still needs some work and I am considering pulling this painting from the frame and doing a real touch up?????

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am forever flipping my paper/canvas around while I paint and sometimes I just don’t know  which corner to sign. 

Jackie Blair McSween