Adult Children

Men have abandoned their posts!
They have fallen to the ground
Some have moved to a new world
While others have gone back
to fix the unfixable
My Once Upon a Time
Lies shattered in my
Happily Ever After
And all the while
A Paradox churns in my gut


    • Jackie Blair

      Hi John,
      I’m still trying to understand the “truth” in this poem. I did have a conscious truth at the time of writing (and I think this truth is apparent in the poem). However, I am now seeing a deeper truth; the only way to unhitch the paradox is by being in the present moment. I wrote this poem from outside observations, however, I now realize I was unconsciously writing about my own perception and my need to be in the present.- Only then will my “gut” settle down… I hope.

      The truth has many layers John, and if this is the truth, then you are never known to be wrong..

      Thanks for you comment, it generated some important thoughts for me.


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