Artists’ Reception


“A Bond of Nature and Art an exhibition by Mother & Son” Artists’ Reception at the Mission Art Gallery by Artists Jackie Blair McSween and Murdoch McSween

My first exhibition! Or should I say our first exhibition, since this was a joint exhibition of my 13 year old son and I. I am a short on words as it has been and continues to be a very emotional experience for me. Somehow hanging ones art  for public display is a little like baring ones soul. I am hoping I will be able to express everything little clearer as time goes on. In the meantime, we did sell two paintings ! I am thankful to my children and family who helped out a great deal with making this possible and to everyone who came out to the reception.  The MAC gallery staff and volunteers have been just amazing and I would like to thank all of them.The exhibition is in the gallery for three weeks. I hope I will be able to share more over the next little while as the emotions settle.



  1. Jill Joy

    Hi Jackie, I am so thrilled for you! You have come such a long way artistically in a very short time. I agree that it is an extremely emotional process to show your work. I liken an opening to the same amount of energy it takes to get married and have a wedding party. It’s very thrilling but for me it takes a while to recover. In any case, good luck with your exhibit. And many more to come!

  2. clinock

    Congratulations Jackie on your show and I’m so sorry I couldn’t make the opening – Mission is just that little too far without wheels. I am disappointed to miss your art and not be able to meet you. Good luck with the remaining time for the exhibition…

  3. Jackie Blair

    Thank you everyone for your comments. The show is going great, We have sold two paintings! However, the sales seem to be so trivial compared to standing in the middle of my art hanging in a gallery.

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