I reposted these pictures under “Thousand Petal Lotus” for two reasons;

I managed to get a better picture by photographing them outside. These paintings, although individual, are an integral part in the making of  “Thousand Petal Lotus” and “Sahasrara”.

Acrylic on Canvas (three paintings)
by Jackie Blair McSween
Jackie Blair Fine Art


    • Jackie Blair

      Wow! Thanks Joanna, I used the same palette for all of them, however all three were done over top of previous paintings I had done. I am starting to find painting kind of Magical, I think it is in the layers or “what’s beneath the last layer of paint…

  1. clinock

    Moody and evocative work – wonderful recycling of old canvases. I’ve tried this but more often than not the ‘ghost’ of the previous painting haunts the new so strongly I can never seem to exorcize it…

    • Jackie Blair

      I have been working on letting go of my attachment to everything, including my paintings. As a result I am embracing the process of painting more than the painting itself and it is bringing me some peace. However, nothing is without sacrifice and risk with painting over old paintings. I am going through some tough lessons these days John, and my art seems to be my teacher. Thank you for your comments, they are very much appreciated.

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