• pointsthruprose

      Is the “mesh of security” there to keep us in or keep us out?
      When I completed this painting I consciously saw it as how our empty space (the air) appears with all the wireless waves in it. Although I take advantage of wireless technology, I can’t help but think that it is somehow polluting us. Or maybe it has been designed to prevent us from developing more advanced forms of communication. How ironic to think that new technology is actually moving us backwards and limiting our abilities, just like our education system.

      • joannagilmanhyde

        probably both in and out — the captive and the viewer. As for our “advances” in technology, I feel we have a lot of catching up to do, though there is the example of how “dumbed down” television is now compared to the high hopes for it when it first came out. My most reliable form of communication is telepathy — and I don’t even know what it means — guess I’ll look it up in the dictionary.

  1. clinock

    Our entire environment is an interconnected web as is our technology. The ancient myth of Ariadne’s thread comes to mind. The painting demonstrates very well this interconnectedness and how easily we can upset the delicate balance. When I first came to north America I had dreams of flying but my ascent was always frustrated by a web of overhead wires as if I was a bird in a cage. Here in Vancouver the streets are overlaid with a multitude of wires that supply power and communication to the trams and the stores and houses. Pollution has many meanings…

    • pointsthruprose

      I have always said I write from the dark and paint from the light. Up until reading your comment, I had been viewing this painting in a fearful way and the result was a negative message. I am now able to go deeper with the painting and see the light in it. Your comment about Ariadne’s thread is absolutely beautiful and makes complete sense to me. Perspective is everything and of great importance these days.
      Thank you John, it is good to be back blogging.

      • pointsthruprose

        We never really know how or when we will be impacted or profoundly affected by something. We must remain open, accepting and aware at all times. I had to change the title of this painting as my perspective has changed..

  2. Margaret Griffin

    Jackie, This painting reminds me of the balls of crochet thread used by my grandmother and one of my aunts. Whilst Ariadne foolishly offended one of the goddesses, she epitomises the fine work of women – the traditional skills of women usually performed in their homes.

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