Pollution seeps into the Void

Powerlessness prevails here

But for who or what –

I’m pulled down

To grey porous concrete

Like a YoYo with a severed string

My duty of making humans comfortable

With T-bone steaks and grad dresses

Do we really care?

Now that the Spiral is in motion

Jackie Blair McSween


  1. pointsthruprose

    I appreciate the feedback on this particular poem as it is helping me to understand why I wrote it. As usual, I wrote this poem quickly, but it was churning (good word Jay) in me for a while with no beginning or end. After contemplating your comments, I felt compelled to do a few edits and take the poem and myself into the collective consciousness. This way I can “Dance on through the void… ” and not let it crush my soul.

    Thanks so much, it feels good to be blogging again.

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