Jungle Burning Bright

You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through 1
Please don’t take that the wrong way
But it’s been so long since I had a fucking clue
And, yet, you still, like, want me to stay
Red like jungle burning bright 1
Torn like Maggie’s dress
Bite like a November Saskatchewan night
On the 7th day, God did, in fact, rest
I was there that night you guys were thinkin’
“Of course, right, ok . . . “
They’d been for hours doin’ God knows what and drinkin’
It’s not like I’d ever . . .  get . . .  my say
It’s my only life
I’m gonna live it up 2
Cuttin’ like a dull knife
Overfloweth – my cup
No, see, Saturday
Monday, Owen knew
Weeks before the calamity
And now they start with someone new
It’s not that you don’t know any better
And it’s not that you don’t care
But like dogs can somehow predict the weather
Of course it isn’t fair
O.G. Hawkins
1 – David Bowie
2 – Judas Priest

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