He’s got his brand new Beemer
Yeah, he’s raking the top
This is no place for artsy dreamers
But that which can’t go forever, will stop

Oh, to be
So careless and debt-free
Up from bended knee
Biscuits and a spot of tea

Dimming sight
Dripping with sweat 1
Preaching what’s right
And pocketing what’s left

Trucks going into town
Others coming out
Economy’s up then it’s down
Makes me wanna shout!

The ghost of a smile 2
The bile of the guile
Sinister, vile
Tossed on the pile

Yet all the while
With your eye in style
“What’s one more mile?”
Blood in the Nile

I wanna get this right
Do you mind if I dial?
I understand your plight
But it’s a crime not to file


O.G. Hawkins


1 – Roger Waters
2 – Pink Floyd



  1. pointsthruprose

    “Preaching what’s right And pocketing what’s left”
    Good one O.G., I love these lines!
    How in the hell do we overcome this, other than going underground as the Left???

  2. Jill Joy

    I like this very much. Serious topic but somehow left me light-hearted. Maybe because it clarifies that we entrap ourselves and thus have the ability to free ourselves.

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