I Start Over

I’m searchin’ high
I’m searchin’ low 1
Who, what, where, why
I so rarely know

I can’t defeat you 2
I can’t even meet you
With your chipmunk cheeks
And your goony freaks

I’m on my own again
I’ve lost all my friends
Reality shatters pretend
And I’ve no idea how to mend

That girl in the red dress
The one with the slender arms
She’s so obviously blessed
With devilish charms

I start over 3
I can’t turn back
Red Rover, Red Rover
It’s confidence I lack

I used to plan for the future
Now I just try to make it through the day
Like a dissolving suture
Purpose served and slowly going away

O.G. Hawkins


1 – Bob Dylan
2 – Jack White
3 – Alice in Chains


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