A Summer Storm

The black clouds come billowing along

this happens in an instant, every day, same way

The strongest one rows back, it was never me

We make our way out of the murky muddy lake

The rowboat rests in hope that the waves won’t wake

No need to throw the life jackets –

we didn’t require those restraints

We raced the hot humid rain

The screen door slams, slams, slams!

Ah the sweet smell of unused cottage

the smell lingers all summer long

The breeze eases through the screen walls

carrying the summer air after the rain

The fire in the sky strikes 1-2-3… Crash!

The storm is moving on, to the next Great Lake


Early evening comes upon us

Our lake, in calmness, is still as ice and soft as snow

The motorboats take to the lake like children to a playground

It could be the best ski of the summer!

Good old Mr. Kay in his fray red shorts

raises his bushy grey brow

as he navigates between the array of spray

The stench of stale beer sweeps past the spotter

only to be replaced by gasoline

Buzz, buzz, buzz skier is up

skier is down…..

Sky sinks to orange in perfect time

One by one the boats return

Slam, slam, slam goes the door!

Oh the sweet smell of unused cottage

it’s even in the sheets

How is that?

Jackie Blair (McSween)
June 20/08


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