Showing Feelings 2

Crazy patterns on your sheets 1
“You’re much too fat for standard pleats”
We’ll be there.  I’ll text ya the deats
I can’t believe we’ve even got these seats!
You know that They will not follow you 1
Like your big sister, always smothering you
And notwithstanding how much they clearly bother you
And then there’s that creepy feeling of joy in the over mothering of you
But in the town it was well known 2
That if she could possibly be alone
And if it weren’t for the flesh nor for her bone
All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall 2
“Wrong!  Do it again!” 2
Song, let’s pretend
“Wrong!  Do it again!” 2
Song, let’s pretend
The flames are all long gone 2
The revolution’s no more than a song
The Empire State Building & King Kong
Right & wrong, Tommy Chong’s bong
You cannot reach me now 2
Up and down like the Dow
Fire up the barby, let’s eat cow!
I’m now the boss . . .  and how
Those crazy patterns
I understand what matters
Hammers, doors, down, batters 2
Life-long illusion shattered
O.G. Hawkins
1 – Bob Dylan
2 – Pink Floyd

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