Joanna Gilman Hyde


The Hawk Kitchen 2:32pm

Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair must be a Throwback to The Fifties:

White Stay-At-Home Mom

3rd Wife to A Silver Haired Doctor

Moderate Drinker — Would Like To Smoke


Eats Red Meat & Lots Of It

Likes To Shop but Considers Cost

Doesn’t Care (very much) What She Drives

As Long As It Works

Has Been Seen Eating @ MacDonalds

In An Off-The-Shoulder Oprah Evening Dress

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  1. pointsthruprose

    I like the term “Throw Back” “A reversion to a former type or ancestral characteristic”. I think the poem makes a very powerful statement for women and feminine energy. It’s ironic because the history books tell us that women have been repressed for centuries and only now are we free. Is it possible that this is not the truth because, today, women are influenced and stereotyped with a very strong masculine energy. As a result, women have taken on all kinds of persona’s which are strongly influenced by dark masculine energy. I believe, both men and women need to embrace more of their feminine side to move society forward and save the planet. Joanna’s poem gives complete freedom to ALL women, by allowing them to be who they are..

    Fantastic poem, it belongs on a billboard!

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