Minority Government

You act like
It’s not your fault
Hoggin’ the mic
And the single malt

I know what you want
You’ve made that clear
They looked so gaunt
Eyes filled with fear

I wasn’t born like this
Now I’ve so much owin’
I took a risk
Like Leonard Cohen

The rising sun 1
The depraved fun
Is comin’ home to roost
You think you’re done
And, of course, you’ve won
Enemies now securely noosed

Pistol shots ring out
In a barroom night 2
Demons sing, demons shout
Some black, others white

The morning fog
Is finally lifting
A warning, a dog
Transport, shifting

Minority government
Ill-fitting, yeah – poorly sized

O.G. Hawkins


1 – Aerosmith
2 – Bob Dylan



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