• Jill Joy

        I think the variance in interpretations is interesting. Especially when I think about your poem “Hurt”, where you saw hurt I think as an internal suppressive figure maybe pulling you inward into hiding. Whereas some of us could see hurt as coming from the outside. I like your interpretation because it gives the ability to master hurt as opposed to the other way around.

        But in the initial stages of hurt I often do feel as though someone has struck me down from the outside. But once I realize going back to that trite but true expression “it’s not personal” i realize it’s my own voices of self negation pulling me down. And as I said, those I can master which ultimately frees me from being hurt.

        I love this conversation and thank you both for your posts.

  1. Jill Joy

    Out To Grab You…isn’t that what blame does? I asked Jackie to post this in part as a response to her poem that I found so compelling. I’m not sure if Jackie meant it but her poem so clearly delineated to me how blaming others makes us victim to their whims and choices.

    The title of this painting is intended to be somewhat ironic now that I think about it. Surely we at times feel hurt by the actions of others, and we want to blame them for our pain. But like Jackie’s blue mask of hurt telling her to smash her laptop on her head, there’s some deadness there when we blame others for what happens in our lives and what we feel.

    That was the useful thing for me about making this painting. I felt all the hurt of being betrayed by a lover who left me, and could purge it. Just like Jackie would do writing on that silvery laptop. The irony of this one is I painted it 3 years after I was left by that lover, when he came back, offering everything he could not give before. I painted it to purge the hurt and blame so I would not be corroded by it. I painted it so that i could release the old feelings and allow myself to love him again. And I’m glad I did.

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