Hurt dripped through my door today
disguised in a bright blue mask
I’m pleased to make your acquaintance
and I’m here for a certain task
I’ll make your life much easier
and do most things for you
This way it won’t get messy
you’ll see your day right through
Hurt likes to keep things quiet
a scene he can’t endure
We must do all we can now
to ensure your home’s secure
Hurt cleaned up all the writing
put it neatly in a box
Paint and pallet off the table
and left to fold some socks
Now let’s make sure the children
have their schedules set in place
We wouldn’t want the neighbours
to find us in disgrace
The pain that has you acting
in a way that is so odd
Someone may come knocking
to bring you forth to god
Clean up those dirty dishes
and get yourself a mate
Four kids a dog a cat a mouse
you’re sure to find a date
And when you think of writing
remember what I said
Take that fucking shiny laptop
and smash it on your head.

                Jackie Blair McSween


    • pointsthruprose

      Thanks Jill, it took me a while to figure this out as I labelled everyone “Hurt”, however the real healing happened when I finally realized, the suppressive figure, “Hurt” is part of myself.

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