The Yoke of My Mother

now hangs around the neck

of My Daughter —

something I swore would never happen —

Today My Daughter wears The Locket

of antique gold with one pearl

and a picture of Her Namesake

on a new cleavage-length chain

from the Barrington Jewelry Store

I announced in JB’s

over a beer:

You are wearing

The Legacy of Your Grandmother —

a woman from a long line of women

Who Believe


Joanna Hyde
April 11th 2012   The Hawk West Window   5:25pm


  1. Jill Joy

    Beautiful. The yoke that binds us to the past also bestows the gifts of those who went before us. I was talking to my therapist recently about my mother’s courage and how she laid that at my feet along with her craziness growing up. She was neither all black nor all white. And it’s been my job to seize what I would carry with me that strenghtened me and leave behind that which would weaken me.

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