The Holding Pattern

I am not a pilot or a bird
But I can fly
Up here
In this holding pattern
Only 5280 feet between us

You are not a tower or a tree
Yet you can guide
Down there
With these regulations
Only fog and traffic between us

Ah – I am safe
Yet safety is the enemy
I circle around
And around
Waiting for the “go ahead”
Trust is in your hands
Like grains of sand

I see it all
13 billion feet below me
I am a saviour and a god
I jump…

Jackie Blair McSween

I was inspired by Murdoch’s Clouded Colour & Joanna’s Statement for Easter Monday to repost this poem. It was my very first post, but not my first poem. Timing, although irrelevant, is the driving force.


  1. Joanna Hyde Blair

    Jackie, I think this is one of your best, most ambitious poems — are the sexual references deliberate? But I am not sure of how you were inspired by my Easter Monday post — what am I not seeing?

  2. pointsthruprose

    Thank you Joanna, and I like the word ambitious, I find it to be synonymous with brave these days. When I wrote this poem, I had no conscious thoughts with regards to the sexual references, but I do see them now.

    Murdoch’s post inspired me because of the aerial view and your’s inspired me because I felt your poem was saying the same with the reference to god.

    I wrote this poem about a year ago when I was feeling stuck in my separation and felt the only way to move was to fly. However when we do learn to fly, for now, we still have to find a way back to earth (which is the challenging part these days).

    And XTC , well like you, they had it figured out in the 80’s.


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