Jordan Bay

Jordan Bay comes equipped

with one pet cemetery

one grandparent cemetery

& one uncle’s remains

My Brother never got there

“Down Where The Lilies Blow”

though He owned the place

inherited by my father

now dead

so Jordan Bay’s up for sale

by my step mother

at a reduced asking price —

could that be the price

of My Sentimentality?

One House & Barn

needs demolishing

one cellar hole needs filling

The Place could be brought back

to its original state

when The Indians were living

there alongside the cove

I rowed across alone


Joanna Hyde
 March 25th 2012   The Hawk


    • Joanna Hyde Blair

      Yes Kris, it is a beautiful place but I cannot keep holding onto it — I’m thinking once the island goes — that’s it — I want to concentrate on The Hawk — MY New Paradise in My New Life without parents (and grandparents).

  1. Stephen Kellogg

    Sounds like a hard decision. Sometimes it’s best to cut the ties and move on and other times it’s best to hold on to remember where we’ve come from or to “restore” the place and breathe new life and memories into it.

    I really like the way you ended this poem, specifically the last line. It really pulls at the heart.



    • Joanna Hyde Blair

      Yes Stephen, it has been a hard decision, but my children have helped me make it. THEY do not have the memories I have — they are both too young to know where they will settle, or if they will settle. As you’ve seen in the last line, this letting go has been my decision alone and now I feel freed up. Thank you for your comment.

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