1. pointsthruprose

    Is this really how we look these days?
    I guess it’s time for me/us to start making some decisions…
    Another great painting Kristine, it made me laugh out loud (again)

  2. kzoodedoo

    Jackie…I’m so glad you can see the humor, weird as it is!
    Now I think I should have called it “Limbo” ?
    Hmmm…or, maybe,.. “In Limbo”?
    Agghhhh… I can’t decide! ha ha!

    one thing I just noticed is the dude has a very murky “aura” !

  3. pointsthruprose

    I agree with the aura, I wonder if that’s what happens when we stay stuck for too long.
    Many things spark my interest on this piece; especially the missing left side of his body.
    hmm is he coming or going???

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

      I put on my bright teal rubber gloves to spring clean above my kitchen cupboards and then took my gloves off and laid them on my bright fuchsia foot stool to answer the phone — it was Jackie and we talked for two hours and ended with the question does time exist?

  4. kzoodedoo

    I coulda named it “Magic Gloves”
    for a whole different reason…
    that would be a whole different story then

    I’m not sure what time it is either!

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