1. pointsthruprose

    What a trip! how do I get on this magic boat??? I can’t say enough about the colour, movement, depth and light Kristine and that’s just the beginning. I love this one, it is layered…

  2. pointsthruprose

    Mark, my 9 year old, says ” they are people sitting in the upper balcony at a play, maybe a Shakespeare play, and the sky is magic like Harry Potter”. He then asked who painted it?

  3. kzoodedoo

    I love to hear what people “see” !
    I’ve seen a sideways roller coaster
    but it is really really really slow

  4. pointsthruprose

    Here’s another one Kris, my daughter Elizabeth (16) sees a group of people watching an old fashioned circus. She sees a tight rope walker with a black cape and head band in the main circle.
    My whole family loves this painting!

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