• pointsthruprose

      Walt Whitman wrote;
      “Backward I see in my own days where I sweated
      through fog
      with linguists and contenders.
      I have no mockings or arguments, I witness and wait.”
      (from “Song of Myself”)

      Walt believed that it is impossible for the poet to write without, somewhere (obvious or not), having written about ones self. I agree with this, having said that, our writings can be about events from the past, present, future or perhaps beyond.

      Writing moves me beyond despair. You don’t have to feel sorry; the despair is released as the poem lives on.

      Love Jackie

  1. BUD(diggus#1)

    “The Absolute” is the original name of God in ancient texts including Hermetic philosophy, Hinduism and Gnosticism. It refers to the knowing that everything manifests from potential to reality from this one energetic source and that we are continuously creating only in the flash of now, (the present moment) reflecting or focusing on past regrets or future concerns takes away from this absolute power we apparantly all have to actualize our true desires and the real definition of Magic.

    • pointsthruprose

      An interpretation of a poem is as vast as the Universe
      – and this is what makes poetry beautiful!

      Although the, longer, first stanza of this poem takes place in the bowels of the castle, there is hope in this “dampened hell”. We are powerful beyond our despair, and only in being in this place can we find “Absolute”

      thank you for your comment.


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