Just Takin’ Care of Biz

I never saw that comin’
Couldn’t’ve been any worse
That ’80s electronic drummin’
And your alligator purse

That night in Chicago
Steve was there
Colder than Dr. Zhivago
And your blank stare

I couldn’t understand
You wouldn’t treat me the same
Lookin’ back, you musta had it planned
Outting me like Valerie Plame

How do you sleep at night? 1
I bang my head against The Wall 2
You keep fighting with GOP might
I’m keeping up appearances like Faul

What’s done is done
Now it’s just ‘He said, she said’
But you really shouldn’t shun
Your testimony’s been pled

Maybe not my best
But it is what it is
“Surely you jest”
No.  I’m just takin’ care of biz 3


O.G. Hawkins

1 – John Lennon
2 – Pink Floyd
3 – BTO



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