Panoramic Palindrome

Radiant Sky (untamed gravity 2a)

Radiant Shore (untamed gravity 2)

 water colour with digital touch up (dark clouds/rocks)

This painting is matted and framed and hangs on my wall as “Radiant Shore”.  Yet it has always felt unfinished. When painting it I was never sure which way was up until I, consciously, added the rocks and spray.  This particular piece has always haunted me and thanks to digital painting, I was able to flatten the rocks a bit and have them resemble dark clouds and now the painting works just fine either way. The digital touch up still needs some work and I am considering pulling this painting from the frame and doing a real touch up?????

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am forever flipping my paper/canvas around while I paint and sometimes I just don’t know  which corner to sign. 

Jackie Blair McSween


  1. kzoodedoo

    Wow, that’s so cool Jackie!
    I love this one
    (I like the idea of an “actual” touch up too)

    I twirl stuff around too but it always returns
    to the “first thrust”
    if you know what I mean
    gravity, perhaps?

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