The silhouette of My Black Cat

is away over the rocks —

              I have brought the wrought iron furniture

black, out of the basement

              & put glass tops

                         upon it.


I have poured My White Wine

             & taken a phone call

from My Stepmother in California

            thanking Me profusely

                      for the peach roses

sent in memory of My Father

I was interrupted at this poem

                       by Her, My Stepmother

who says My Painting I gave

                       to My Father


which He Hung in

The Big Room in Vermont

behind a wood stove

will be shipped to Me

by Her Grand Daughter

Who’s labouring in bed

                      with twins

Joanna Hyde
February 15th 2012  The Hawk



    • Joanna G. H. Blair

      Thank you Jackie. I’ve just realized that this is one of my favourite poems — I had not seen the symbolism of the twins at the end being on the cusp of the new generation as my father’s death is on the way out.

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