1. Ben Naga

    This put me in mind of Picasso’s “Guernica”. Butchers and butchery come in different ways. As a vegetarian pacifist in in favour of neither. Her picture has a lot of punch.

  2. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Kris, your paintings have playful ferocity, and creepiness and all sorts of other good stuff.

    Thank you for continuing the red, white, and black theme.

  3. pointsthruprose

    I like the little heads within the bodies, it’s like we have this outer self that we think protects us or something or lets us get away with stuff??? except the red beast with the X , he is just wrong (he just goes along for the ride, no matter what). – You know, the guy that takes advantage of whatever he can…

    Your work is always a real conversation piece Kristine, even if the conversation is with myself. haha


    • kzoodedoo

      You’re so funny, Jackie!
      It’s O.K. to talk to yourself…I hope!
      This painting came out of Nowhere…
      who knows what it means?
      The title changes the whole perspective.

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