In the dome there is no love

There is only what pretends to be love

I step outside –

I feel fear, I reek of passion

Awake in my nakedness I yearn

In the womb;  outside yet within

I learned of love inside as I desire

Outside there is Nothing yet Everything

There is food – I am not hungry

I thirst;  not for wine –

Intoxication bleeds within me

I sob for your touch…


Jackie Blair McSween


  1. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Jackie, could you clarify the sexual nature of this poem compared to the nurturing — or are they one and the same?

    • pointsthruprose

      I am now seeing how small of a space we are limiting ourselves to by living within the dome. Yet at the same time, there is fear in venturing out. However, we must venture out if we are to live to our full capacity…

      Thanks for helping me to understand my poem, it is a passionfortruth!


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