The Death of my Father


The Death of My Father in California

did not seem to happen


A Single Phone Call

to My Husband’s cell

announced The Death

with no words for Me


That was It from The West Coast


One Cousin from The East Coast

named My Father

The Eternal Optimist


No One has acknowledged

The Delivery of Twelve Orange Roses

backed up by Peach


No One has cried


Joanna Hyde
February 12th 2012   The Hawk





  1. Jill Joy

    Hi Joanna, This is poignant in its sadness. I’ve always remarked that people die the way they lived. And for those us with fathers who lived distantly, perhaps they die distantly as well. It’s as though the longing for contact we felt in life is not changed by death.

  2. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Thank you Jill. I am now having to deal with the fact that something I have always looked for with such hope now has no hope whatsoever of coming to me — oh, unless my father left a DIARY (yeah right). See I still go on hoping and all I can do is now literally write him off — though I don’t know if I can ever write him OUT.

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