Sonnet 8

let us examine quebec as a proposition
on a map for convenience’ sake
if the mappemonde require addition
does la belle province take?
can a bunch of frenchies les anglos rid
of presumption enough to know
what fork tongues oddly on the id
has its trouble being shadow
a provincial festoon
amalgamates some state
the changing moon
continues to investigate
within sleep
is just such deep



  1. Thom Olsen

    a note de le poet / before (i knew) this piece was to be presented here, i had considerations to bar the posting / the use of the word ‘frenchies’, alone, would have such a tergiversation / yet, it was, rally, a grammatical question in the very line that word appeared, which gave the pause / the future conditional verb (here) ‘rid’ has been declined ‘be rid’ by other writers, yet, student of the english grammar, i decline, if not decline, or prefer my usage / as for the erstwhile, offensive usage, ‘frenchies’, well, in english, one has heard the like, so, i felt it fair game for poetic use, not because i do not like france, canada, quebec, you know, people, but because i felt a case could be made, and was by my poem proved [proven], that goodness can flow from the worst utterance, because, as to quebec, i believe it a nation

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