ABC Award

Thank you to Seasons Poetry and Thoughts from a Jaded Heart for giving the ABC Award to pointsthruprose. I love the profound and beautiful poetry that both these writers post and I am in great appreciation that they visit my blog as often as they do.

Now for the rules of this one:
There is no limit to how many fellow bloggers you pass this on to
Share some things about you, but alphabetically, just a word or two starting with each letter of the alphabet.

since pointsthruprose is a collective blog, with many artists, I thought I would do the ABC’s on the blog –  pointsthruprose is:

attractive, blunt, creative, demonstrative, enthusiastic, fictional, grande, happy, intuitive, judgemental, killer, loving, magical, narcissistic, optimistic, peculiar,questioning, respectful, synchronized, trusting, understanding, vulgar, whispering, x rated, young hearted, zany

There are so many blogs I am following these days, that I could easily make it my full time job to be a “blog follower”, here are five that have caught my attention lately

Thanks again for this.





  1. Ben Naga

    Thank you. Perhaps you are psychic Just last evening! I started work on a piece which was sparked off by


    I may pass it on in due course, but at present a number of worth folks whose sites leap to mind either have it already or are not wishing to participate in the awards process. I will be keeping it in mind for the future.

  2. ecofinanalysis

    Thank you Jackie. You have made me feel great. I am touched. Sorry for being late in responding. It is owing to the daily chores of life, the difficulties in standing and staring, at writing and reading.
    Let me try to explain me Jay
    J = jetset in thought
    a= amused.with the world as it passes by
    y = yesterday does not leave my calendar.
    I hope i have confused u enough.
    Regards and affections .

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