Noah’s Flood

There’s nothing like good scotch
I’ve got an edge needs taken off
Before you put another notch 1
Before you throw that Molotov

Weird skies don’t lie
But that ain’t you
You’d rather comply
Than for right argue

You deserve what you get
As capitalism dies
Cold gin and warm spaghet
Third world diseases and flies

We exported our jobs
And imported their servitude
Did history tilt with punk rock gobs?
Did they even engineer our attitude?

I feel so rebellious
Though well past my prime
Viet Nam in HD – hellious
On the couch – my crime

I always thought I was born too late
The Summer of Love I was two
Though taught not to hate
Where’s Noah’s flood to start anew?

1 – Pat Benatar

O.G. Hawkins 





  1. kzoodedoo

    what insight
    “Did they even engineer our attitude?”
    the evidence is everywhere
    you’re right: “weird skies don’t lie”
    Thanks for this poem!

  2. teeceecounsel

    The desire for change is so strong, the victim or writer seems to have lost hope. Must everything be destroyed before something new and fresh can come?
    Beautiful piece! I tried to put myself in it. There’s really need for hope.

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