1. Carol's Tips for Empowerment

    An alluring piece of art, love the faces.

    Which planet did you say you were from again?

    I see the eyes in the corners looking in on them, checking their evolutionary process perhaps?

    From an energy perspective I see the movement of humanity going from the traditional 7 chakra system with the old colours (the reddish orange face, 7 vertebrae ) to a more effective chakra system with new, advanced colours that are more healing and more appropriate for our time (the green face 11 vertebrae). It’s quite magical, I really love it!

  2. kzoodedoo

    ha ha Carol…I hope to figure out which planet I am from soon (in time to go back)!
    thanks for the interesting insights…I am not sure what any of the art “means” but it sure is fun and enlightening to hear other people’s thoughts!
    Joanna…you can even totally hate it if you want but you have to tell me why…those are the rules, ask Jackie, she is the “boss”…ha ha!

    • pointsthruprose

      That sounds good Kristine, there must be a story to this one…
      Fabulous painting! I love the colours, characters and shapes. It’s full of energy, passion and hmm desire?? This painting makes me happy…

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde

      OK Kris, the ribbon of bead-like substance along the bottom makes the heads look like they’re connected by a colon, and the faces look slightly sinister, or at least sneaky. I just don’t trust ’em.

  3. pointsthruprose

    Thanks for the award jadedheart. I am so fortunate to have these great Artists who trust me with their work and so many followers, like yourself, who really appreciate poetry and art. I love every aspect of this blogging experience!

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