The Lax

“I’m runnin’ into the store
Do ya need anything?”
It never used to be a chore
But then the door bell rang

‘Cause there’s only one way
To see the morning at night
You gotta breathe what I say
But not in mid-flight

When the sky was still lucid
And the hairs on the back of your neck
Were standing like Iwo Jima
It never occurred, staunchly putrid
Not one single speck
That she’d be from Lima

But things can be freaky that way
Like visions from beyond
Or channelling what you know is vrai
Having never even ratified “the bond”

It’s time we start smiling 1
Like things weren’t really this way
Counter-productive, selectively piling
And I’ve got the trey!

Yeah, those were the days
They didn’t even tax the tax
If it were not for the malaise
We wouldn’t be so lax

O.G. Hawkins

1 – George Harrison





    • pointsthruprose

      Thanks Xandi. O.G. Hawkins has a unique style to his writing. It’s great to read in print/screen or just add some music and four talented musicians and he’s good to go. It doesn’t surprise me that you like his work since you are so into music.

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