Full Moon

There’s a full moon out tonight of possibility,
of promise and pregnant expectation.
A luminous orb of redolent light
in a dark and questioning sky.

Rich in its murky autumn colored halo,
it shimmers in expectation and uncertainty.
A pulsing ring of potential resonance
encircles  two people,
waiting long and lonely and happy at times
for love to come.

Is it here, finally, do you think?
A place to rest and remain?
To luxuriate and enjoy the full promise
of another’s body…another’s being?

What kind of match will it be?
End to end resonance?
Deeply back into the past and forward into the future
with all that karmic complexity?
Or, better yet, a match for the here and now?
A peaceful pairing
an easy sighting of another, familiar,
after a long and difficult journey
back home to Self.

Let the full moon portend then–
the possibility and the promise.
Let us lift our faces to each other
To the warmth of graciously reflected light,
and the glow of mutual recognition.

by Jill Joy


  1. pointsthruprose

    Oh to find that someone who has the deep, very deep understanding that this poem conveys. Excellent poem Jill, I love how you managed to get so much in one poem. – Just like the fullness of the moon. And I really like “pregnant expectation”

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