January 18th 2012  – Mission, BC Canada

a whiteout on the outside
a blackout stands within
school’s open now for business
for those who will begin
intuition shines like a diamond
spotted as good stock
shoot the natives in the way
hoard the gems to haul a mock
they know not what they’re doing
profits plow on through the snow
get my car out of the driveway
to the sunshine I will go
the blackness with my blog
shines a light for all to see
let’s get off our fucking asses
as all is up to me

Thanks to;
 thom olsen for “pointsthruproseprotests”
Jane at WordPress for the blackout
JC for the 9th line
the snow removal workers for getting me out
& my intuition

Jackie Blair McSween


  1. Joanna Gilman Hyde

    Jackie when you told me about the ploughing on through the snow I thought you had said “prophets.” I really like the line “school’s open now for business” — that says a pile. Very strong poem. I’m going to read it again tomorrow when my eyes don’t hurt.

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