1. greatpoetrymhf

    I like this very much….I like that I can feel the textures, smell the flowers and thank the painter…..Congratulations on moving a place within me that rejoices in the flowers. Knowing that spring will come.. That flowers will bloom and I will be your newest fan.

  2. Joanna Gilman Hyde

    Jackie, I had to look back through the posts to find which paintings of yours this one reminded me of — The Fire in My Heart and Black Hole, your first posted painting. With the title Elated Arousal, it certainly has the same energy. All three would look great together on one wall.

    • pointsthruprose

      I hadn’t thought of them as a collection as they have such different colour schemes, yet they are all cosmic, sexual and organic. Thanks Joanna, I am starting to see a little clearer into my own art…

  3. Joanna Gilman Hyde

    BTW when do you have time to paint without interruption? Or do you incorporate interruptions into your work?

    • pointsthruprose

      I must just work around the interruptions Joanna. However, having four kids, I have learned to do everything fast. The boys also help me on occasion, Murdoch has a keen eye on colour and which way is up with my paintings.

  4. kzoodedoo

    “Oooooooo”, I said out loud right away.
    (mouth agape)
    That’s a real feast for the eyes, I’d say

    • pointsthruprose

      Too funny Kate, Joanna said the same thing about this painting. And what is funnier; when I was painting it, my bed wasn’t far from my mind…
      Thank you for the invite to post on your blog, I will do that soon.

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