1. pointsthruprose

    “to become a Child again –
    with The Child’s brazen curiosity?” from “Position”

    And no Joanna, Mark didn't read your poem, but he is living it out. This unprogramming, as adults, can be tough sometimes, thank goodness I still have young children to learn from.

  2. sahil khanna

    The bad Guy does win, but it’s very temporary, and so makes the good guy ultimately come up as the sole winner from the bad guy.

  3. Sasha Hawks

    I like to think from an eight year old perspective that he just meant what he said

    “that it’s even better when they turn the bad guy into a good guy’ and he’s right!

  4. kate hawkes

    love the wisdom and optimism that comes out of little kids – and their willingness to Just Say it…where does that go?
    my grand mother kept a book where she write down the many wise funny things her kids and grand kids said over many many years. I did it for many of my daughters’ years. Wonderful to read for many reasons.
    BTW, one way help him keep it is encourage him play magic games! my daughter is now almost 24 and has several sets of wings and make wands with the kids she minds.. Yay!!

    • pointsthruprose

      Well said Kate. We seem to have unlearned so much as adults. I see this unlearning before my very eyes in all four of my children, with Mark being the youngest. We do need to get back that sense of belief and magic because ultimately they lead to trust. Thank you for your comment.

  5. pointsthruprose

    Thank you Pat. I am answering for Mark; he comes and looks at the comments and says hmm. Unconditional actions are something we can learn from these 8 year olds. And I too think he is a Mystic,Warrior or Yogi, he sits for hours on end, with no shirt on, building his lego without his bum ever touching the floor. He is special as all children are…

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