sonnet 4

a pause d’amour shows cause
in the blink between belief
you are asudden shown doors like laws
and the understanding is you are a thief
this moonlight
your honor the accused did not even look
but might
your honour bedight took
believing in time retrieving
of losses sure
and second guessing
i say hey
no way


  1. pointsthruprose

    When we pause in our heart, if only for a second ( and I think I would like it to be longer) We see how we are robbing the earth and sky. Your honour (god) we (the accused) refuse to look and we decorate everything so it looks pretty which we think will buy us more time. I am with you Thom ” I say hey no way”

    This is a fantastic poem Thom.

  2. pointsthruprose

    I am not sure where the earth and sky came from (my thought, I guess) We think we are immortal;We are being given a second chance here. I think we the accused have been just plain ignorant and have been rewarded for centuries for turning a blind eye.

    This poem gets deeper every time I visit it.

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