I Am The Silver Christ
Grey if You like
in This Time of Black & White
I represent The Reconciliation
of Opposites

I can Speak
if You Dare To Listen
I can Point
if You Dare To Open
Your Eyes
though I will not blind You
with My Brilliance —
I will fortify You
with Your Own

What Could We Accomplish
Out There
in Our Brave Wide World —
would You allow Me
to become a Child again —
with The Child’s brazen curiosity?

Could You, Would You
dress Me in Silver —
Dazzling Grey —
or shall I stay
in My Thick Grey Robe?

I’m sitting on My neutral sofa
with The Atlantic Ocean & Open Sky
both Grey Today
along My Right
& You, All of You —
to My Left

Joanna Hyde
New Year’s Day 2012   The Hawk



  1. Joanna Gilman Hyde

    Thank you so much Jill. Coming from someone for whom light is so important to her work, this comment means a lot to me.

  2. pointsthruprose

    I agree, this is definitely the next step from “Triumvirate” and a very large step it is. This “Silver Christ” is the place in between the dark and light. It is calling us to action yet we must pass the Triumvirate before we will move into action. We have been misled by “the three” for so long, we do not know where to place our trust. However not trusting and doing nothing is a crime.

  3. W Hunter Blair

    Is it calling us to action in the sense that we must become tolerant, understanding etc. Tho’ this is not enough and does not explain “the Human Condition”. This poem, and it’s predecessor seem to be wrestling with much more than that and I cannot grasp it—yet. This is and unsatisfactory comment as it does not quite express what I mean. Maybe that is what great art does—it leaves us almost knowing and wanting to know more???

    • pointsthruprose

      I agree, I think I have only touched the surface of these two poems. Art and poetry have carried secret messages and code for thousands of years and they continue to do so today. I believe this is because the true creative process comes from a higher place. Ancient cultures had this belief.

  4. pointsthruprose

    That is exactly what I was thinking,l which is probably what the three feathers represent.
    Three is a very mysterious number, after all we really don’t know how the pyramids got here…

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde

      What I am trying to do not just with poem but with My Life is: bring God down to the level of Humanity and elevate Humanity to the level of God.

  5. Sasha Hawks

    But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”

    If we consider the words attributed to Jesus as mythical and was describing our higher self (consciousness) rather than a grey bearded white man… it takes on a whole new empowering meaning.

    Shall we let out brilliance go unbidden (like a child) or shall we stay trapped inside our “thick grey robe”

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde

      Sasha, I’m working on something this morning which I’ll pass by my editor before sending it to PTP.

  6. kzoodedoo

    Hmmm…that Silver…
    It needs the Light to change
    from Grey into shiny Brilliancy.
    The Sun meets the ocean
    pointing to our eyes.

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde

      The East is to My Right, The West is to My Left. I feel We are in a shift from East to West — from Right to Might to Night when we have the Silver of The Moon.

      Thanks for writing, Kris.

  7. pointsthruprose

    And staying in the grey area rather than the black or white gives us much more room for movement.
    This poem keeps going deeper
    It will pause on 22 for a while, but I think it will keep going Joanna

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  9. Carl D'Agostino

    This simple poem is as pregnant and theologically intense and consequential as any full chapter of the likes of any Luther or Calvin. Christians are taught to see things in absolutes of black or white and gray areas belong to philosophy. The suggestion of gray as having a place in religion is explosive but seen in terms of reconciliation not so dramatic at all. A great deal to ponder here. Thanks visit my blog.

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