today in a relentless wind
I mailed a Thank You to You
a woman with Black Hair
Black Eyes
& a Name almost the same
as Mine

You work inside
a psychiatric unit
trying to get people out
and while I was there
You made a Gesture of Insight
when I loudly declared
“I have An Announcement to make –”

from behind The Counter
where The Doctors sit
You slowly lowered
Your Right Arm
Your Gesture of Support
for Me to see
so I would lower My Voice
for The Black Doctor:
“I am The Black Jesus”


Joanna Hyde
December 20th 2011   The Hawk   11:57 am


  1. pointsthruprose

    A brilliant poem Joanna, you leave the reader wondering. Does the black haired, black eyed woman have good intentions? The vagueness of the story leaves it open for interpretation; Who are the people she is trying to get out? Why does she sit where the doctors sit? I would think a gesture of insight or support would look like raising one’s arms???
    I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the sequel…

  2. Joanna Gilman Hyde

    Jackie, I have to believe she was trying to help, or the Aliens really aren’t on my side. Thanks for your attention.

  3. W Hunter Blair

    The ambiguity of the black haired woman is the pivot in this poem. Like pointsthruprose I wonder where this goes from here.

  4. pointsthruprose

    A good poem should evoke an emotional/spiritual response in the reader and, in most cases, was written, consciously or unconsciously, from a higher mind. The magic is when the reader questions the poem and relates it to their own life. I guess I am not as trusting as I thought…
    I agree “The Position” is the next step, bringing a message of strength, hope and a call to action.
    Excellent work Joanna, I moved through some issues on this one…

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