Kate Hawkes

Kate Hawkes lists degrees in Education, Theatre and Counseling and has taught many different groups, ages and places. She works with veterans, children, teenagers, and adults, from elementary through high school, community and college groups. She is also a theatre professional with expertise in all areas – actress, director, producer, playwright. As a consultant with The Society for Arts in Healthcare, she assists groups to develop arts programs specifically tailored to meet the needs of healthcare. Kate created Performing Wellness ™ and teaches workshops throughout the country. Recently she published a book PERSONAL MAGIC: Conscious Empowerment through Creativity & Spirit. A native of Australia and after almost 20 years in Oregon, Kate now lives in Central Arizona. When not conducting a workshop or a rehearsal or at her computer engaged in a myriad of endeavors, she rides her horse through ancient rocks, up windswept peaks and along the streambeds that keep her grounded.

BLOG: http://www.wellnesswithkate.wordpress.com
Facebook Personal Magic Page:
Linked Inhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/katehawkes4wellnesswithkate
Twitter: wellnesswkate

One comment

  1. pointsthruprose

    Kate, thank you so much for posting your poetry and some information about yourself. You are making some amazing contributions to the Arts with your work, writing and teaching.

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