some limericks to lighten the load
by jackie blair mcsween

Dear Oxford so plump, fat and jolly
I found you that day on the trolley
I opened you up
And had to yell yup
Now others are looking so folly.

My blog has become way too chunky
My friends think I’ve turned to a junky
The time slips away
With so much to say
A change is what makes life so funky

My ego so sleek, sly and sneaky
I wonder when all gets so creepy
My friends no not why
When I’m lookin so sly
Then life just becomes all so weepy

I search for a life of convenience
Unlike the one in the previous
To sit and drink wine
And then I can dine
And view the world a bit devious


    • pointsthruprose

      Thanks Francina, you are right, they are hard to write and I still have to work on the stressed and unstressed syllables, it seems like an endless battle for me. However, I love the quick and humorous read of a limerick.

    • pointsthruprose

      Thanks, I posted these for my 8 year old son, Mark, as he is studying limericks in school. Although they are adult content, he still got quite a chuckle with the rhyming.
      They are fun to write and read…

  1. pointsthruprose

    Thank you so much Kate for this award, I am honoured to receive it. Also thank you for your kind words about pointsthruprose on your blog. Congratulations on you receiving the award as well.

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