Oath to God

Watercolour & Poem
by Jackie Blair McSween

She left Her at the gate
Knowing a knock would set Her free
Frigid, frozen but alive
She carries on her way.
At the path of unknown
Kindness in a random heart
The novelty wears off
Her emptiness wasn’t enough.
Drunken in despair
Cruelty feasts on this
The helper’s shiny crown
Sanctimonious to spit on.
The heroes at the gate
Know to do their calling
By God’s write they have been given
Yet what right has She.


  1. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    As I look at this painting again, I see a very unusual play between front and back of the figure. I can see it both ways now whereas at first I was seeing it front on with light emanating from the facial area. Now I can see the figure’s back with her? looking up to the light. I think it is fascinating to have this play of dimension.

  2. Sue Dreamwalker

    A Beatiful Poem, Wishing you a Very Happy New Year to you and many thanks for your continued support.. Love and Best Wishes, May 2012 bring you all your desires.. Hugs Dreamwalker xx

  3. Kate Hawkes

    oh yeeesssss.. this is a beautiful image. glad I had time to go back and find it. happy new year to you and continue with the truly generous and connectove work that you do thru this site. Thank you.

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