1. pointsthruprose

    has been festering overnight at the foot of The Hawk Basement stairs,
    and so I have decided to end my dilemma by asking you Jackie, to post it
    (with the wine bottle) in honour of my son Peter’s 24th birthday.


  2. pointsthruprose

    I can’t explain it, but this is a piece that would stop me in an Art Gallery and I would sit and look at it for a long time. It would then remain with me throughout the day…

  3. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Thank you, Jackie, for encouraging me to post this which I consider to be graffiti. I’m not sure yet what the significance of this emblem is or what it means that I painted it in my own home. I waited several hours for it to be posted and it came on at 9:11 pm EST

  4. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair


    I have bled like The Canadian Flag
    I have had stars in My Eyes like The American
    I justify The Sanctity of Human Life
    starting (if there is A Start) with Conception
    finishing (if there is A Finish) with Unprovoked Death
    unprovoked by Human/Divine Intervention

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